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Pentecost Firepower

May 2nd, 2024|

CLICK HERE TO PLANT YOUR SEED Dear Friend, I have rushed you this email because you can’t wait any longer. The Feast of Pentecost is upon

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Mountain Mover

February 26th, 2024|

CLICK HERE TO PLANT YOUR SEED Dear Friend, is there a Mountain blocking your breakthrough? Is it a mountain of debt … a mountain of disease … a mountain of discouragement, depression, doubt …

Bondage Breaker

February 15th, 2024|

CLICK HERE TO REQUEST YOUR BONDAGE BREAKER DVD EXPERIENCE Dear Friend, the world is being crushed under the bondage of debt that is spiraling out of control. The national debt exceeds 34 trillion

The Father’s Favor

January 30th, 2024|

PLANT SEED OF FAVOR SEED HERE Dear Friend, The despair and pain my partners are suffering wrenches my heart. In this one week, we have heard their cries: Daniel: deliverance from panic attacks and

Your Greater Blessing

January 17th, 2024|

CLICK HERE TO PLANT YOUR GREATER LOVE SEED GIFT Dear Friend, during this critical time when Israel has been shaken as never before, we must cover the nation with the Greater Love of

Year of Increase

January 3rd, 2024|

RELEASE THE SEED IN YOUR HAND! CLICK HERE Dear Friend, we are down to our last days before our epic Year of Increase World Conference on January 25, and I have not heard

Covenant of Increase

December 12th, 2023|

TO PLACE YOUR NAME ON THE YEAR OF INCREASE PRAYER ALTAR AND BIG SCREEN CLICK HERE Dear Friend, God has ordained you for increase, you were created for increase, and He has placed

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