Prince: The Preacher Was Able To Help The World Famous Musician In London

San Diego, CA – There had been a mishap, and, amazingly, the accommodations expected by Prince had not been held at a hotel in London. Prince’s organization was aware that a well-known preacher, Dr. Morris Cerullo, had a portion of the same hotel reserved. Would the preacher help the famous musician? When they reached out to Dr. Cerullo, they were pleasantly surprised that Dr. Cerullo graciously did what was necessary to free up the space needed by Prince.

Dr. Morris Cerullo happened to be conducting a training school packed with over 3000 delegates next door to the facility in use by world famous musician, Prince Rogers Nelson. Dr. Cerullo gave up the facilities to Princes’ staff.

Now, in Paisley Park, Minneapolis, days after the announcement of the untimely death of Prince, among the endless sea of bouquets of flowers from well-wishers, friends, and fans, stands an arrangement, sent by Dr. Morris Cerullo, who is known for ministering in nearly every nation of the world.

Many in the religious world had taken note of Prince’s renewed profile and sense of direction in recent years, and his emphasis on the importance of faith.

Dr. Cerullo commented, “There were so many biblical and spiritual principles that Prince endeavored to apply. He fulfilled Matthew 6:4, doing so much of his humanitarian work anonymously. He genuinely believed that his reward would come from God.

“Prince also made some classic statements, such as, in 1999 to Larry King, ‘I’ve always known that God was my creator and without Him nothing works. It works to a point, and then it just kind of deteriorates. Entropy takes place.’ He was careful to not take the credit.”

Another anecdote that was so pleasing to Dr. Cerullo: “Go to Jerusalem,” Prince once told Van Jones, a former special advisor to President Obama, ” … stay there for two weeks and pray. Then when you come back, sit down and I’ll give you a blank piece of paper and you write on it everything you want to do that you think will help the community. I will help you do it, OK?”

Dr. Cerullo, an evangelical, while recognizing certain doctrinal differences between his stream of Christianity and the Jehovah’s Witness faith of Prince, said, “I saw in Prince one who was not ashamed to boldly proclaim his faith in the Almighty. When I had an opportunity to help him and extend some courtesy to him, I was glad to be of service.”