Jesus Is God

And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins. Then those also who have

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There is Great Power in Prayer

Trending News: Police officer says prayer over boy before brain surgery ~WSB Atlanta Hermits, marigolds and prayer: cave rescue triggers Thailand’s spiritual

There is Great Power in Prayer2018-07-21T07:00:32-07:00

They Crucified Him …

Trending News: What is the Meaning of Easter and Why Do Christians Celebrate it? ~The Christian Post

They Crucified Him …2018-03-24T07:00:10-07:00

Have Faith For Healing

Trending News: The Dr. Oz Show: Several pastors will join Dr. Oz for “Faithful Fridays.” Among the topics to be explored, “Miraculous

Have Faith For Healing2017-07-29T07:00:20-07:00

There Is Great Power In Prayer

Trending News: Countless people around the globe tell how they have received miraculous answers to prayer. Do you have financial problems, a

There Is Great Power In Prayer2016-03-12T07:00:34-08:00

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