There is Great Power in Prayer

Trending News: Police officer says prayer over boy before brain surgery ~WSB Atlanta Hermits, marigolds and prayer: cave rescue triggers Thailand’s spiritual

There is Great Power in Prayer2018-07-21T07:00:32-07:00

Fix Your Faith

Trending News This Week: High school grads stay in church through new outreach ~Baptist Press What are your top three biggest needs

Fix Your Faith2018-07-07T07:00:00-07:00

Have Faith For Healing

Trending News: The Dr. Oz Show: Several pastors will join Dr. Oz for “Faithful Fridays.” Among the topics to be explored, “Miraculous

Have Faith For Healing2017-07-29T07:00:20-07:00

Abiding In Jesus Brings Victory

Trending News: Many Christians fail to receive victory over their problems because they give up too soon. Victory will come with determination

Abiding In Jesus Brings Victory2016-10-15T07:00:40-07:00

Destroying Satan’s Strongholds

Trending News: 13-year-old girl abducted from a Chicago park, raped. Transgender couple in Ecuador becomes first in the world to give birth

Destroying Satan’s Strongholds2016-10-01T07:00:24-07:00

Gifts of the Spirit Bring Victory

Trending News: Spiritual gifts are available to every believer to help us be victorious in any difficult situation. The Lord desires for

Gifts of the Spirit Bring Victory2016-09-17T08:52:39-07:00

Victory Comes Through Wisdom

Trending News: Most people would agree that wisdom, knowledge, and understanding help us all to succeed in life. Beloved, fear of the

Victory Comes Through Wisdom2016-09-10T07:00:14-07:00

Right Thinking Brings Victory

Trending News: Our thought life brings victory or defeat, blessings or curses. Beloved, victory comes when we refuse to allow any thoughts

Right Thinking Brings Victory2016-09-03T07:00:44-07:00

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