Have Faith For Healing

Trending News: The Dr. Oz Show: Several pastors will join Dr. Oz for “Faithful Fridays.” Among the topics to be explored, “Miraculous

Have Faith For Healing2017-07-29T07:00:20-07:00

Healing is a Covenant Promise

Trending News: Our covenant with God includes healing God has entered an everlasting covenant that provides for all of our needs, INCLUDING

Healing is a Covenant Promise2017-02-04T07:00:38-08:00

God’s Healing Power is Here, NOW

Trending News: Once God’s Word has been spoken, it never dies, and will continue providing great power to accomplish exactly what it

God’s Healing Power is Here, NOW2017-01-21T07:00:28-08:00

Healing is for EVERYONE

Trending News: According to the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, the number of people with chronic conditions is

Healing is for EVERYONE2016-02-27T07:00:15-08:00


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