They Crucified Him …

Trending News: What is the Meaning of Easter and Why Do Christians Celebrate it? ~The Christian Post

They Crucified Him …2018-03-24T07:00:10-07:00

The Christmas Blessing

Trending News: Let us celebrate the birth of Christ by remembering all that He has done for us. He came that we

The Christmas Blessing2017-12-23T07:00:01-08:00

Finding Peace

Trending News: The Pope meets NFL Hall of Fame legends, promotes message of peace. ~FOX News World [Jorge Mario Bergoglio is Pope

Finding Peace2017-08-12T07:00:20-07:00

This is not of God, but of Satan

Trending News This Week: “Trump is right: Fight against terrorism is battle of ‘good vs. evil’.” (New York Post) We are living

This is not of God, but of Satan2017-07-15T07:00:48-07:00
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