This is the Time

I believe that this is where we are today. We are seeing an unprecedented outpouring of God’s Spirit. We are receiving the

This is the Time2020-01-18T05:55:22-08:00

Whatever It Takes

Right now, the Spirit of God is bringing you to a very crucial point in your Christian experience. He knows that you

Whatever It Takes2019-09-14T05:55:56-07:00

United We Stand

Beloved, do you know why we haven’t been able to experience true unity in the Spirit? Why we haven’t been able to

United We Stand2019-07-20T05:55:37-07:00

Be A Hero

Beloved, we are living amongst superheroes every day. My blog is probably not where you expect to read about superheroes, but as

Be A Hero2019-07-06T07:00:19-07:00


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